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9 Kinds of Documents You Should Be Shredding and Archiving

9 Kinds of Documents You Should Be Shredding and Archiving

. Paperwork that contains confidential information needs to be disposed of properly.

Smart business owners everywhere know their paperwork is much more than just a stack of documents. All that paperwork contains the information that allows their business to function, and that means those have to be protected. Paperwork that contains confidential information needs to be disposed of properly. Protecting any valuable documents starts with two things: shredding sensitive documents and ensuring they are scanned and safely backed up. Curious about which ones you should be shredding and saving? Here are nine kinds of documents to prioritize.

Social Security Information

Anything that has a social security number on it can expose people to possible identity theft, so be cautious of documents that contain this type of information.

Personnel Files and Employee Information

Your employees will appreciate you looking after their privacy in this case. For current employees, be sure to back up their documents before disposing of their older documents.

Medical Records

This is a big one because HIPAA regulations are strict when it comes to protecting any medical information. Violations can result in hefty fines and the loss of a medical license.

Canceled Checks

Using canceled checks to create brand “new: checks, and in turn bleeding an account dry, is an old-school practice used by clever thieves. A move towards paperless and digital business operations can help prevent this from happening.

Invoices and Receipt Documents

They might seem like smaller and insignificant scraps of paper, but in reality, they can be used to find out your internal spending, your overhead, data about your business partners, and much more this is very sensitive information, so make sure to have this material archived and shredded.

Client Lists

This is obvious, but your client’s and their personal information is extremely confidential and could be mishandled easily if someone else gets ahold of it. A list of information this sensitive isn’t something you want to get into the hands of any competitors or thieves.

Credit Card Numbers

If you’ve got any documents with credit card numbers on them, they have to be shredded. A common form of theft is to go through a business’s garbage and look for this information. Be sure to shred them!

Bank Accounts

Do yourself a huge favor and have all of your banking documents stored in a safe, secure and encrypted digital space rather than physical documents.

Pay Stubs

Pay stubs also contain sensitive information for your employees. Make sure to dispose of them properly to avoid any kind of fraud.

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