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Success Stories

What Some of Our Clients are Saying About Micro Records Company

  • “After seeing how painless you made the whole process, I don’t know why we waited so long. All we did was box up our files and you did everything else.”
  • “We used to have some files on paper, some in word processing files and some in a database. Now everything is organized and accessible by everyone, even over the Internet.”
  • “Your team completed everything on-time and within budget, even though we made changes in the middle of the project.”
  • “We cut our records storage space in half and searches for old records that sometimes took hours now take seconds.”
  • “Our options were to hire two people just to handle records management or use Micro Records to organize, convert and maintain our files. We chose Micro Records and saved a lot of time and money.”

Since we began as a microfilm company in 1964 — an eternity in this industry — we’ve dedicated ourselves to two principles:

  1. Treating customers the way we want to be treated
  2. Having fun and loving what we do

We’ve remained true to those principles since day one. And we see no reason to ever change who we are, how we work, or how we take care of our customers.