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Document Destruction

To accommodate our clients complete document management needs, Micro Records also offers Document Destruction Services. We use state of the art commercial shredders to handle all of your document destruction and paper shredding needs. Whether you are a scanning client; simply performing an annual document purge; or want a scheduled weekly pick up, you can be assured that your information will be safely and securely destroyed.

Document Storage

Micro Records offer a full range of information storage services including economical hard copy storage and retrieval services. Our Storage facilities offer an extremely safe and secure environment to store your most confidential information.

Scan on Demand

For many businesses, having immediate access to their offsite documents is critical to their daily operations. Micro Records Company’s Scan-On-Demand services provide customers the cost-saving benefits of offsite storage along with immediate secure access.

Upon request by authorized personnel, Micro Records Company will pull the requested file, scan the contents of the file and index the scanned documents. The image of the file can then be accessed via a secure web connection or emailed to the designated authorized end-user. The scanned file is then returned to its original storage location.

Simply pay as you go, and begin building a document imaging archive over time, without having to scan entire volumes of information all at once.