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Retail Industry

The retail industry is the second-largest industry in the U.S. If you work in this industry, you know how tough it can be to maintain information on the products you sell, as well as on your customers, transactions, employees, and more.

The best way to manage this incredible amount of information is to work with Micro Records to create your new digital content management system. This new way to manage your data increases your efficiency, reduces expenses, and provides you and your employees more time to serve your customers directly.

Improve Your Business With Enterprise Content Management Technology

Retail businesses receive data regarding inventory, new customers, and employees every day. The information about your products must be easy to access so you can quickly find information for customers.

When you incorporate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology, you can create a single easy-to-use system that digitally manages and protects your business’s information. This single system can:

  • Improve customer service by increasing employee efficiency and access to information
  • Reduce the costs required for document management, IT personnel, software, and hardware
  • Protect customer and employee information with multiple levels of security
  • Replace time-consuming paperwork with automated processes

With more time and money to spend on improving your store, products, and customer services, you gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

Find High-Quality Products at Micro Records

At Micro Records, we take care to provide our clients with high-quality and dependable content management products. Retail employees can use products from our technology partners to create a system that features:

  • Automatic actions that speed up order processing and enhance customer service in-store and online
  • Document scanning services that keep crucial documents organized and protected from damage
  • Unlimited electronic distribution that reduces costs for printing, faxing, or mailing documents
  • Cloud storage that enables quick information access across multiple devices and store locations

Our partners include Digitech Systems, ST Imaging, and Filebound. Reach out to Micro Records today to learn more about what their products can do for your business.

Keep Customer Information Protected

Every day the retail industry relies on millions of transactions that use credit or debit cards. Retail businesses must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that helps protect customers from fraud.

When you use a digital content management system, compliance is guaranteed through these features:

  • Redaction tools that can hide credit card numbers when necessary
  • Encryption that shields customer information when it is being transmitted and stored
  • Auditing trails that provide a record of every action performed by an employee.

These tools ensure accountability and security. Your customers will love knowing that their data is safe with you.

The Well-Honed Micro Records Process

At Micro Records, we have developed an efficient process for scanning your business’ records while allowing access to files you need. When you scan your documents, you make them easily accessible through your management system and safe from harm.

Our document scanning steps include the following:

  • Document Delivery
  • Imaging Analysis
  • Document Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Data Entry
  • Quality Control
  • Media Output
  • Final Project Delivery

Contact Micro Records when you are ready to have an efficient, secure, and cost-effective content management system.