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book2net Spirit

The book2net Spirit is more than just a replacement for your current copier and old-fashioned scanner. This Spirit is the first entry-level, high-resolution book scanner designed to improve the services you can offer while reducing your costs and environmental impact in a significant way.

You can immediately eliminate the need for paper, toner, and copier maintenance, and start to consume less energy and create less waste. It’s also easy to attach a cost recovery system or coin-op system to generate revenue with the book2net Spirit.

This is a great option when you want to replace the photocopiers in public, government, or corporate libraries. The Spirit is designed to combine productivity and quality into a single, effective solution so you can handle your book scanning tasks with an intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-use tool.

Reduce Costs and Raise Revenue

You have an opportunity to significantly reduce your overall costs while increasing revenue potential by switching to book scanning equipment that consumes less energy and creates no paper waste. By scanning to a digital copy rather than printing on paper, you get:

  • Improved service offering through digital color images instead of paper copies
  • Lower total cost of ownership through lower maintenance requirements
  • Streamlined workflows which allow users to complete projects faster

Key Features

The book2net Spirit was designed to provide high performance and advanced functionality in a public-use, walk-up book scanner. These key features all contribute to the quality, ergonomics and high productivity that users and organizations require.

  • Unrivaled price-performance ratio
  • High-resolution images
  • Scan to USB, memory stick, or email
  • Embedded touch screen for ease of use
  • Layout table for books and documents up to A3+
  • Automatic exposure time control
  • Out-of-the-box scan application with integrated image enhancement
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Book cradle designed for extremely gentle treatment of bound documents
  • Automatic calibration before every scan guarantees optimal scanning results
  • Live video preview so the book can be correctly positioned every time

These features are designed to enable a fast and economic capturing of documents in public areas as:

  • Public and academic libraries
  • Companies
  • Banking houses
  • Lawyer’s offices


The Spirit is rated an entry-level book scanner, but it still features some high-level specs, including:

  • 1-second image capture with a scanning speed of 0.2 seconds
  • Embedded LED illumination support system provides a homogeneous, uniform illumination
  • Windows-embedded operating system for maximum protection and long-time availability
  • Cycle time – including image preparation – 0.7 seconds
  • Scan area: 13.82 x 19.21 inches (351 x 488 mm)
  • Depth of focus: 3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • 15″ touch screen with real-time preview
  • Color depth: 36-bit color internal, 24-bit color external
  • Output file formats: single page: JPG, PDF, TIFF, JPEG2000; multipage: PDF, TIFF

book2net Spirit Specification Sheet


The book2net Spirit book scanner provides green and clean technology. When you begin using these book scanners in your organization, you will start to see a range of environmental benefits.

  • Eliminate waste created by copiers
  • Support a paper-free office
  • No toner, so there’s no respirable dust
  • No UV- and IR-radiation
  • Reduce energy consumption

Make the Switch Today

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