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Document Scanner Products

As much as one tries to run a business as environmentally as possible, paperwork is often an important, necessary part of any business. Whether it’s producing quarterly reports, putting together employee manuals, making signs, or sending invoices, we have scanners available regardless of budget and scanning needs. Micro Records offers the following enterprise-level scanners from Panasonic, Canon, Fujitsu, Epson, and Plustek:

Panasonic KV-N1058X

Panasonic KV-N1058XThis Panasonic scanner features a 5” color touch screen display and a color, easy to use user interface to increase productivity. The Panasonic KV-N1058X has a scan speed of 65 pages per minute and has an automatic document feeder capable of holding up to 100 pages at a time. The double speed rollers help ensure documents are fed properly and straight.

This model is capable of a variety of documentation projects including the production of passports, embossed business cards and even long-papered documents such as signage.

A 1 GB Ethernet connection complete with wireless, enterprise-level security means you can print, scan and copy documents efficiently and safely. Advanced scanning features can be restricted with user authentication and communication protocols. Scanned documents can go to email, shared network folders or FTP.

Optional advanced Scan Server applications and software provides the ability to scan documents to the cloud, create searchable documents, process bar codes and auto-rotate scanned images.

The KV-N1058X includes Premier OCR Compression Software and a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Canon DR G2140

Canon DR-G2140The Canon DR G2140 scanner comes equipped for both Ethernet and USB connectivity meaning your business can be up and running in no time. This image production scanner offers exceptional reliability and performance.

The DR G2140 gives businesses great flexibility when it comes to scanning solutions as well as being equipped with a robust system to manage documents. The Canon DR G2140 weighs approximately 71.6 pounds.


Fujitsu fi-5950

Fujitsu fi-5950For companies that do a lot of scanning, copying, and printing, the Fujitsu fi-5950 is what you’re looking for. This powerful scanner can print 135 pages per minute with 600 dpi optical resolution and a daily duty limit of 100,000 sheets.

This Fujitsu scanner has an automatic document feeder that can hold 500 pages with a built-in stacker to keep pages in order, triple ultrasonic double feed detection, automatic scanner calibration, and batch scanning processing tools that make bulk document projects a piece of cake.

The Fujitsu fi-5950 scanner can accommodate various document sizes ranging from 2.07”x2.91” up to 34.”

Epson DS-70000

Epson DS-70000Minimize downtime and increase productivity and efficiency with this Epson DS-70000 scanner. With an automatic document feeder capable of holding up to 200 sheets, a scanning speed of 70 pages per minute and a daily duty cycle of up to 8,000 pages you can bulk scan in a jiffy.

The Epson DS-70000 scanner comes with both TWAIN and ISIS drivers making it compatible with the software your business already has. This scanner can scan two-sided documents from 2.7” x 4.7” to 11.7” x 100” in one, convenient pass.

A variety of documents from print outs to hand sketches to maps to images can be scanned with ease.  Even hard-backed books can be scanned. With its high resolution, 600 dpi, this scanner produces crisp images and text. One can even quickly and easily convert color into black.

The Epson DS-70000 scanner comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Plustek OF8200i Ai

Plustek OF8200i AiDon’t let the small size of the Plustek OF 8200i Ai fool you. It is a workhorse of a scanner with 64-bit hardware that produces 7200 dpi resolution images and documents. It features a built-in dust and scratch remover, a sharp optical system, an extensive tonal range, IT-8 calibration slide that can calibrate colors within 2 minutes, and professional Silver Fast Laser Soft Imaging and Multi-Exposure software.

The Silver Fast software reduces noise, enhances image details and has an easy-to-use interface. Immediate adjustments, even on complex imaging projects can be made in a jiffy.

The Plustek OF 8200i Ai is a must-have scanner for any photographer, graphic designer or anyone else who works heavily with images. This imaging scanner weighs 3.53 pounds and is small enough to fit on an office desk.


For more information on any of our scanners or other office technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us.