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Microfilm/Microfiche Scanners

ST ViewScan

ST Imaging is a leading worldwide manufacturer of  ST ViewScan 4 microfilm scanners and other micrographic collection scanning solutions. The ST ViewScan 4 system can be found in large and small libraries across the nation. In addition to libraries, ST ViewScan systems are in many other industries such as banking, engineering, manufacturing, medical and legal.

ST ViewScan products are a demand-based digitizing scanner for roll microfilm, microfiche, color film slides, color film negatives, opaque card and micro card media. It allows staff and other film researchers to use a PC to view, scan, fax, e-mail or print a microfilm image.

Specifically designed for library user requirements, the ST Viewscan Series products bring a secure network environment compatibility, ease of use, crystal clear images and new “digital” life to microform collections in any application.

ST PerfectFocus motors zoom and focus the lens simultaneously, ensuring a consistently clear view whether scrolling or zooming. From 35mm roll film to the smallest images found on microfiche sheets, users can anticipate sharp and easy-to-read images which are properly oriented, focused and vibrant every time.

How PerfectView Software works.

ST ViewScan software streamlines every aspect of the research process, allowing users to browse and capture images from 16 mm or 35 mm microfilm rolls, microfiche and aperture cards with astounding ease. When used in conjunction with our other user-friendly hardware, the ST ViewScan takes almost no time to master.

ST ViewScan 4 Documentation

ViewScan4 Documentation
ViewScan4 Infographic

ST ViewScan 4 Microfilm Scanner enhanced microfilm technology includes:

  • ST PerfectView Software
  • ST PerfectFocus
  • VirtualFilm Technology
  • SmartShare Capabilities
  • Film Movement Buttons on the scanner
  • Onboard PC option

For more information or to receive an ST Viewscan quote, feel free to fill out our form here, or contact us directly at 877.410.SCAN.