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Legal Industry

As a member of the legal industry, you understand how much information you have to manage each day. The records, court documents, and case information received can be overwhelming. On top of keeping records organized, legal professionals have to keep client and case information secure.

Document management can already be a challenge, but information mismanagement can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. Contact Micro Records if you are ready to use an easier, cost-effective, and safer content management system.

Speed Up Legal Processes with Enterprise Content Management Technology

Your employees can spend most of their day sorting and managing every document your legal office receives. Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate this tedious paperwork.

Enterprise Content Management technology can help you create a single and straightforward system that collects, stores, and secures your information. This system can:

  • Convert legal documents into easily searchable PDF files
  • Replace time-consuming paperwork with automated archival and quality control processes
  • Protect your information with multiple levels of security
  • Enable remote work by making records accessible through the cloud rather than at a single office location

Find High-Quality Products at Micro Records

At Micro Records, we are proud of the high-quality products we offer our customers. Our content management partners provide several products that can offer:

  • Efficient document scanning that keeps your files organized and safe from damage
  • Powerful search capabilities that quickly locate information within a detailed document
  • Automated processes that can manage standard legal files and eliminate paperwork

Our partners include Digitech Systems, Filebound, and ST Imaging. Talk with the experts at Micro Records today to learn more about which products may be best for you.

Boost Your Profits By Cutting Extra Expenses

When you switch to a digital content management system from a paper-based system, you can cut costs related to IT personnel, software, and hardware. By decreasing the funds that go towards data management, you can increase your overall profitability.

Content management systems can often be set up in just one day, so you won’t have to take a break from your busy schedule to transfer to this system.

Secure Sensitive Case and Client Information

Every product from Micro Records guarantees security and compliance with all laws that require client protection. The following elements are used to create ultimate security:

  • Redaction features to hide sensitive information
  • Built-in password security that prevents unauthorized access
  • Verification tools that can prove the authenticity of emails
  • Advanced auditing features

The advanced auditing tools keep a record of every action an employee performs. These records can provide evidence for compliance and ensure employee honesty.

The Effective Micro Records Scanning Process

Micro Records has established an efficient process for scanning legal documents while allowing access to files. Document scanning can be beneficial for the legal industry that must manage hundreds of documents per day.

Our document scanning process includes these steps:

  • Document Delivery
  • Imaging Analysis
  • Document Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Data Entry
  • Quality Control
  • Media Output
  • Final Project Delivery

Contact us at Micro Records today to create a cost-effective, efficient, and secure content management system.