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Education Industry

Every school has to keep a lot of data for teachers, administrators, and students. Keeping this data in a physical filing system requires more organizational effort from administrators and creates a less secure system prone to human error. If you need to find information on a student or teacher quickly, it can take some time to search through these files.

Fortunately, when you work with Micro Records to create a new content management system, you can quickly increase your efficiency and information security.

The Advantages of Enterprise Content Management Technology

Educational institutions of all sizes receive documents through the mail, email, faxes, and more every day. Sorting and organizing this information can be time-consuming and keep school administrators from their other responsibilities.

Enterprise Content Management creates a single, easy-to-use system that automatically collects and secures school information. This system can:

  • Replace time-consuming paperwork and manual sorting processes with automation
  • Use accessible cloud technology to make information available across departments and physical locations
  • Improve student services with faster access to transcripts and billing information

Find High-Quality Products at Micro Records

We take pride in providing our clients at Micro Records with dependable products and services. Employees of the education industry can use products from our excellent partners to build a content management system that:

  • Efficiently manages student, staff, and school records
  • Increases information access by digitizing student records and other paper files
  • Streamlines the processing of emails, documents, invoices, and applications

Our technology partners are Digitech Systems, ST Imaging, and Filebound. Reach out today to discuss what their products can do for you.

Cut Costs and Stay Within Budget

Low operating costs are always desirable in the education industry. In many schools, departments are required to stay within specific budgets. When you transfer to this new content management system, you can cut back on several expenses. This system allows you to:

  • Reduce spending on physical storage and office supplies
  • Spend less on mailing, faxing, and shipping documents by transferring information electronically
  • Eliminate costs associated with hardware and IT personnel by moving school records to cloud storage

Your new management system can be set up in a day to make the transition as easy as possible.

Guaranteed Compliance and Privacy

The education industry is required to comply with laws such as the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. This act requires schools to secure all student records and protect their privacy. The following factors work together to create ultimate security:

  • Built-In Password Security
  • Retrieval Solutions
  • Audit Trails

The audit trails create a list of all users who:

  • View documents
  • Edit or email documents
  • Print documents

This trail provides evidence for compliance and helps to guarantee employee accountability.

The Document Scanning Process at Micro Records

Micro Records has developed an efficient document scanning process. Document scanning is essential for turning mountains of paper documents into easily manageable electronic files.

Our document scanning system includes these steps:

  • Document Delivery
  • Imaging Analysis
  • Document Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Data Entry
  • Quality Control
  • Media Output
  • Final Project Delivery

Contact Micro Records when you are ready to enjoy the advantages of a cost-effective, secure, and efficient content management system.