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Our Process

Micro Records Company has established clear defined steps and personnel duties to maximize accuracy and efficiency while scanning.

The following steps and duties, demonstrate how Micro Records approaches document conversion:

Document Delivery

Utilize our company pick up service; ship your documents directly to our headquarters; or bring your documents directly to us. No job is too small.

Imaging Analysis

One of our experienced solutions consultants will examine the scope of the project, taking into account the deadline requested and technical feasibility of the project. A project outline is completed noting the key scanning specifics, file format, and media for finished product.

Document Preparation

Documents are sent to a preparation station where specialists begin the task of assembling documents for the scanning process. The preparation specialist will remove staples and paper clips, remove and tape down loose papers, and repair any damaged documents.


Operators scan the documents at the specified resolution and format determined in the project outline. Our operators verify the quality of images and confirm that all documents are being captured while documents are scanned.

Data Entry

Data entry specialist index documents according to specifications in project outline while also verifying the quality of the documents and noting any concerns in scanned images. After completion the data entry specialist gives any concerns to the quality assurance specialists for review.

Quality Control

Our quality control associates review the scanned images to determine quality acceptability and verification of data entry.

Media Output

The electronic images are exported to the specified media, as noted in the project outline. All images are given a final verification to ensure complete quality assurance before delivery to customer.

Project Delivery

After the finished product is quality approved the work is delivered.

Don’t worry that your files are ever out of reach. During the scanning process we also offer Scan-on-Demand services which allows you to have access to your files throughout the entire process.