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AP Automation

Is your AP Department Operating at its full potential?

Micro Records Company has the experience and technology to handle your Accounts Payable needs. Your staff will spend less time sorting mail, opening envelopes, and performing data entry.

Here’s How It Works:

Your suppliers send their invoices to a dedicated PO Box.

Micro Records experienced staff:

  • Retrieves, opens and sorts mail
  • Captures your invoice data
  • Sends images through AP workflows

Your staff:

  • A/P Invoices will be sent to them daily
  • Approve the invoices and remit for payment

Benefits of Utilizing Our Invoice Processing Services

  • Save time by eliminating your staff’s manual processes
  • Decrease your paper burden
  • Avoid errors and duplicate payment
  • Increase information security
  • Manage approvals electronically
  • Detailed Reporting & Audit Trails