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Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is all about efficiency. This includes minimizing downtime, reducing waste, and operating cost-effectively whenever possible. Fortunately, when you work with Micro Records to design a new content management system, you can use technology to boost your efficiency in every aspect of manufacturing.

Boost Productivity with Enterprise Content Management Technology

There are many documents produced for every manufacturing order, which can be time-consuming to manage. When you convert to a digital content management system, you free up more time to focus on manufacturing tasks rather than paperwork.

Enterprise Content Management technology creates a single, easy-to-use system that collects, stores, and secures all of your data. This system can:

  • Replace time-consuming paperwork with automated processes
  • Protect your company data with multiple levels of security
  • Enable remote work by making data accessible through cloud technology rather than a single office
  • Cut back on expenses related to physical storage

Discover High-Quality Products at Micro Records

At Micro Records, we only offer our customers the best content management products and services. Manufacturing employees can use products from our technology partners to create a new content management system that contains:

  • Document scanning services to convert paper records into electronic files
  • Powerful search capabilities that can locate specific documents in moments
  • Automatic processes that streamline workflows and increase productivity
  • Cloud storage that reduces the search time for information and makes data accessible across devices and locations

We partner with ST Imaging, Filebound, and Digitech Systems. Contact us today to learn more about what their high-quality products can do for your business.

Increase Your Cost-Effectiveness

By switching to a new content management system, you can cut back on your prior software, hardware, and IT personnel expenses. By cutting back on these unnecessary costs, you can boost your company’s profitability.

Your new management system can often be set up in as little as a day. This guarantees a swift transition to the new system and avoids downtime for your team.

Simplified Security and Compliance

Every Micro Records product guarantees compliance with all manufacturing laws and regulations that require trustworthy information systems. Enterprise content management technology creates ultimate security with the following tools:

  • Customized access for every employee
  • Retention and destruction tools that only delete expired records
  • Automated backup features to protect data from disasters or crashes
  • Enhanced auditing features

These auditing features generate an activity report for:

  • Employees who access information
  • When information is accessed
  • Why information was accessed

These activity logs can provide evidence for compliance and help enforce employee accountability.

The Efficient Micro Records Document Scanning System

Document scanning is an essential part of any content management system. Micro Records has developed an efficient process for scanning documents while allowing clients access to files during the process. When you convert paper records into digital files, you preserve them from damage and make them easier to locate.

Our document scanning steps include:

  • Document Delivery
  • Imaging Analysis
  • Document Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Data Entry
  • Quality Control
  • Media Output
  • Final Project Delivery

Contact Micro Records when you are ready to create a cost-effective and highly efficient content management system.