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Secure Digital Document Storage and Management

You can access any document, anytime, and anywhere – and without any software costs – when you use ImageSilo® secure document storage and retrieval solution.

At Micro Records Company, we provide a powerful and effective document management service that provides systematic, automated record-keeping along with increased financial visibility and controls.

This hosted solution can dramatically reduce the cost of compliance and improve overall business operations, which can give you a significant competitive advantage in your industry.

How Does It Work?

ImageSilo® stores all of your corporate information on our highly redundant Storage Area Network, utilizing fiber-channel RAID 5 storage arrays, to guarantee the fastest access to your records. Magnetic storage provides instantaneous access to your data and has no “time-to-data” latency associated with optical disc and CD-based solutions.

ImageSilo® also maintains your image-based data in an industry standard single-page Group IV TIFF format to provide maximum readability while minimizing access time.

Benefits of ImageSilo®

There are several important advantages of this document management system that can help you improve your business processes, maintain information policies, and protect your important data. These benefits include:

  • A web-based interface that provides the same functionality of a desktop-based document management system.
  • Unlimited access to unlimited users – no per-seat charges.
  • Administer and access your data through any Internet connection without purchasing additional software or components.
  • E-mail, print, fax or grant access to documents directly from the browser.
  • Employs highly redundant storage area network and network attached storage technology.
  • Ensure corporate information integrity is never compromised through state-of-the-art security measures.

Download the ImageSilo® Technical Specification to learn more about this powerful solution.

Micro Records Company has earned recognition as a member of Digitech’s Circle of Excellence – a distinction we’ve maintained since 2003. We are committed to helping you implement a new strategy for secure digital document storage that will streamline your business processes while protecting your important information.

Contact us today and discover how you can conveniently store and access your important data online without the capital costs.

Micro Records has earned recognition as a member of Digitech’s Circle of Excellence since 2003.