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Document Automation Software

Are you doing business as quickly as you could be?

Automating your business processes will:

  • Improve productivity by automating tasks. (reduce costly keystrokes with data extraction)
  • Control information at all times by tracking it through the processes. (every user will have a login which will be used to track their activity on the system)
  • Empower employees by eliminating manual routines. (no need to manually sort documents prior to scanning)

Paper-based processes are the leading causes of operational costs and risks:

  • Physical documents are difficult and expensive to manage
  • Documents can be lost or misplaced
  • Paper is exposed to the possibilities of theft or damage

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the use of technology, such as workflow and intelligent automation to automate document processing. BPA routes information through business processes and automatically completes tasks previously done by humans.

According to IDC & Document Strategy, 73% of businesses have already deployed technology to automate their business tasks and processes. Call Micro Records Company and speak to one of our automation experts!

Forms Magic by Digitech Systems

  • The patented artificial intelligence (AI) engine recognizes and sorts document types immediately without complex programming.
  • Eliminates manual data entry by extracting and populating fields to increase organizational efficiency.
  • Sends critical data to other line-of-business applications to speed document processing times.
  • Reduces manual mistakes by recognizing document types and sorting quickly and accurately.
  • Sophisticated algorithms ensure complex documents are processed with ease.