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Benefits of MicroFilm Scanning

Learn all about the benefits of microfilm scanning.

Learn all about the benefits of microfilm scanning.

There are many industries that use microfilm scanning, including libraries, banking, engineering, manufacturing, medical, and the legal applications. If companies aren’t going completely paperless, they are definitely using digital systems to back up those physical paper copies of important documents. Not to mention, microfilm requires specific conditions to maintain preservation. Read on to discover the benefits of microfilm scanning.

Immediate Retrieval

With microfilm scanning, you won’t find yourself spending nearly as much time sifting through rolls of microfilm to find what you’re looking for. Through scanning, the digital copies of the microfilm can be accessed almost instantly through a computer. This is especially useful if you need to access multiple microfilms. Plus, once you find the physical microfilm that you’re looking for, you’ll then have to turn on the reading machine to find exactly what you’re looking for. For the digital files, you’ll just need to develop a system that keeps the digital copies organized — by date for example — so that anyone who needs them will be able to find them through that system.

More Secure Filing

There’s a much smaller chance of losing digital copies of microfilm than there is of losing the actual microfilm itself. In busy offices, it’s sometimes easy for things to get misplaced. If there are any concerns about the digital copies also being lost or inadvertently deleted, cloud storage eliminates this concern altogether. Sensitive material will also be more secure as the physical microfilm could be picked up by anyone, but people would need permission to access the secure server that houses the digital copies. Furthermore, you have to freedom to manipulate the digital images in ways that won’t be able to with the microfilm itself. They can be printed and written on without being damaged.

Enhanced Efficiency

Digital scanning simply makes business operations more efficient. Without digital copies, there would be a turnaround time when customers would have to wait for the microfilm to be found. Scanning eliminates that process, saving time and resources. It also frees employees up to handle other, more pressing tasks, improving productivity.  

Destruction of Documents for Your Office from Micro Records

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