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The Benefits of a CoLibri System

The CoLibri Cover System creates amazing book covers for any size book in 20 seconds or less!

The CoLibri Cover System can create an amazing book cover for any size book in 20 seconds or less!

Companies and libraries all over the world have discovered the benefits of using a CoLibri Covering system. These systems can cover any book and will work constantly to protect your documents and your investments. So whether you own a library, bookstore, or have your own accounting firm, a CoLibri book covering system will work to protect your assets. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having a CoLibri in your business.

What is CoLibri Used for?

The CoLibri machine is designed to protect all of the products you use every day or once a year. These systems are designed for customization and can be used for a variety of products. Each sheet is customized and can be used to protect and store artwork, books of all sizes, drawings, photos, certificates, prototypes, CDs, DVDs, and documents.

Going Green with CoLibri

In today’s world, many people are concerned about their carbon footprint and recycling but it isn’t often these green initiatives match up with the products used in your business. But with the CoLibri system, you won’t have to worry about wasting the plastic used by the machines. The CoLibri covers are engineered for maximum performance and are made of non-toxic, 100 percent recyclable materials. Once a book or other media is taken out of circulation, simply take off the CoLibri cover and use the plastic to cover another item at least an inch smaller than the original item.


Unlike other plastics, CoLibri covers can last up to two years for frequently used items like books in a library or items in a school environment. For items that are used less frequently, these covers can last five or more years. That is more than five years of protection for your books, CDs, DVDs, artwork, photos, and certificates.

Protect Your Property

CoLibri covers are used in a wide variety of industry to protect precious items. Unlike other plastic covers, CoLibri covers do not use tape, glue, or adhesives to protect your product. These covers will keep your items safe and doubles the life of your books compared to other covers. The polyethylene covers are light resistance to prevent the beautiful cover art from fading. They are also breathable so your products won’t be damaged by humidity. CoLibri covers are also water-resistant and acid-free for the ultimate protection.

A CoLibri system in your business will allow you to protect your books, ledgers, and data from damage. For more information on protecting your items, call Micro Records today!

Protecting Your Documents with Micro Records!

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