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Digital Libraries Just had a Major Win


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The faces of libraries are changing. Are you ready to join the conversation?

When you think of libraries, you probably think about shelves and shelves of books. With all the changes of the modern world, you might also think about computer labs as well. But what about ebooks? What about scanned books? Believe it or not, a lot of libraries are looking to scan and upload their books into the information highway. Google has reached out to several large libraries in hopes of forming a partnership, but HathiTrust, a conglomerate of university libraries, has already found success in uploading and joining their digital libraries. So, are you ready to join the conversation?

So, what happened in the case?

Basically, the Aurthor’s Guild and other copyright holders challenged HathiTrust’s right to upload and distribute their library materials. A federal court ruled that it was within their rights. When Google attempted to reach out to libraries to form partnerships, the case was appealed. However, the side of digital distribution won again. It was ruled that not only was it legal for libraries to scan and upload their books for patrons, but that the benefits were overwhelming.

So, what are the benefits?

The true benefits of this ruling are that thousands of books and documents are being preserved and made available. Think of all the books that are out of print. They can be searched for and found by thousands of people now. Digital books are perceived as the enemy by many people who think that paper books are going to be phased out. This is not true. Digital books are meant to work together with traditional books so that the information within them is more accessible to more people than ever before. This ruling is working in favor of those who are most interested in informing and sharing books, rather than the private interests of those looking to make money, and that’s awesome.

Are you looking to join the conversation with a scanner for your library?

Welcome to the future of libraries!

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