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Going Green with ECM

There’s nothing quite like saving the environment while also saving time, money, and energy. Going green is one of the biggest and best trends of the past decade. People are becoming more and more aware of the footprint that they’re leaving behind for future generations. Green has become a movement that is all about conserving the one planet that we have to live on for the future of the human race. Recently, Digitech Systems administered a survey that found that 60% of potential customers are interested in using technology that will make them a greener company, both for the environment as well as for the bettering of their own businesses.

How does ECM allow your company to be greener?

  • You’ll use less paper, ink, and office supplies. In this way, you’ll aid in the cutting down of less tree. Ink can also be damaging to the environment if it is improperly disposed of.
  • Since you won’t be using as many office supplies, less office supplies have to be shipped. This ultimately means less trucks, planes, and other fuel consuming locomotives releasing harmful chemicals into the air.
  • You can work remotely. All of the information that you need about your company and clients can be accessed on the internet. There’s no longer a need to print out every sheet of paper that you think you’ll need to accomplish a weekend project. You can easily work from home, saving you fuel and time.

Not only does ECM benefit the environment, but it also benefits your pocketbook. Over time, you’ll have to buy less paper, printers, ink, and other office supplies. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars that you could put elsewhere in the company. Avoid wasting money and precious resources by investing in a good ECM system.

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