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Why Going Paperless Makes Sense in the Medical Field   

Why Going Paperless Makes Sense in the Medical Field   

When you go paperless with document scanning, you will reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase security.

If you work within the medical field, you know that your patient’s records contain highly sensitive information that has to be handled with care. Dealing with a bunch of paper records is messy and clumsy, which is why electronic health records and electronic medical records are the new standard. There are plenty of benefits of scanning your patient’s medical records and important files. When you go paperless with document scanning, you will reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase security at your medical practice. Many industries are now using document scanning services and solutions to make their day-to-day practices much more manageable. Here’s a few reasons to consider switching to a paperless office if you work within the medical field.

Why Should I Go Paperless?

Patient charts and other essential documents are among the most crucial parts of a dental practice, making it important to ensure them you are using the most efficient system possible for managing all of them. As technology progresses, it is becoming more and more common to scan dental records and adopt an electronic system for storing any files, as it offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Low cost
  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Safeguards for malicious and physical threats

Save Valuable Real Estate

By scanning medical records and going with a paperless practice, you’re able to clear out all of the space that was previously used for hard copies. Because of this, you open up new space for more productive purposes – like extra patient chairs and tables.

Cut Back on Any Labor Costs

One other advantage of digitization is the same time they save. And as the saying goes, precious time is money. By scanning digital patient charts, time previously spent looking through file cabinets can be used for more productive purposes.

Faster Access to Files

Employees searching around for files for a few minutes a day might seem insignificant, but that time, as well as labor costs that go along with it, will start to add up. With electronic document management, users can look for dental and medical records by keyword, and when using files they no longer have to remove or replace them from their storage spot. This helps in improving time management and allowing multiple people to use a chart all at once.

Data Backup

By going paperless, it is easy to back up your data to an offsite spot. When you can always have a secure second copy just in case, it creates an insurance policy against a flood or fire.

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

If you have more questions about document management software, Micro Records is here to help you with all of your needs. We can help your business to transition to a paperless way of life with outstanding e-forms and technology. For more information about how we can help you implement your new document management software, visit us online or give us a call at 877-410-SCAN. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube.

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