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How Can FileBound Benefit Your Maryland School District?

FileBoundMost Maryland school districts are incredibly crowded. There are 83,000 public school students in Baltimore alone, not to mention the 11,273 staff members. You can imagine how much paperwork that generates, since all students and staff members have to have certain documents on file. If every student and staff member had just one document on file, that would equal 94,273 pieces of paper – that’s a lot of trees, ink, and space. FileBound is a data digital data solution that can help school districts streamline the paperwork process and eliminate the need for lots of paper documents and storage space. Check out an example of what FileBound did for a Texas school district.

  • Eliminated Wasted Space – Think of how much space you waste at home with paperwork – now imagine that times a couple thousand. FileBound eliminated 1.5 million pages of paper archives for a Texas school district, effectively giving them more space to work and eliminating cluttered, heavy filing cabinets. With four walls of filing cabinets stacked on top of each other, there wasn’t much space for anything else. Employees were happy to see them go.
  • Added Efficiency – Since the entirety of the school district (including accounting and HR) decided to adopt FileBound, it made it much easier for the administrative side of the school district to do their job. Documents for staff and payroll became easier to manage and took less time to go through. Since it takes less time to search through and find paperwork, employees have more time to focus on important administrative duties.
  • Better Communication – Developing communication links among departments makes it easier to share information. Since paperwork frequently needs to go through more than one department, having a centralized place to find and search for documents makes administrative duties much simpler. It’s also possible for employees to edit and share documents in between departments quickly and easily.
  • Expanded Privacy – Even though it’s easy to use FileBound, it’s also easier to add security measures to student’s documents. Only those who are allowed administrative rights to certain FileBound documents are able to view them. Digitizing paperwork while still maintaining security and privacy is one of the biggest advantages of FileBound.

Increased efficiency, security, space, and communication are goals of nearly all companies. These things help streamline information and make it easier to run businesses and even school districts! If you would like to learn more FileBound for Maryland school districts, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!


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