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Human Resources (HR) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content ManagementDespite the increasing importance of technology in business, a company’s most important asset remains its people. As you can imagine, this means the Human Resources (HR) department plays a major role in each and every business. This also means that document management is of the utmost importance. The HR department is one of the most document-intensive divisions within a company. HR departments must control, archive and manage countless records, including applications, resumes, offer letters, I-9 and forms, insurance forms, evaluations, payroll records, and so much more.

Federal and state laws require HR departments to archive and access these personnel records for years.

Human Resources (HR) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

HR departments are turning to what analysts at META Group call “e-HR” (electronic human resources) as a means of escape from the inefficiencies of paper filing. Digitech Systems suite of ECM products can help, allowing companies to:

  1. Quickly convert paper records to electronic documents. PaperVision® Capture delivers an unprecedented level of power and efficiency to the information capture processes.
  2. Easily and efficiently manage information. Digitech Systems allows companies to manage all personnel documents and even email messages in a single, searchable system.
  3. Automate document routing using PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow.
  4. lmageSilo, the Software as a Service (SaaS) ECM, provides a lower total cost of ownership.
  5. Allow employees to securely view documents via the Internet. ImageSilo and PaperVision® Enterprise allow companies to safeguard electronic documents while allowing secure accessibility.

Micro Records, a Digitech Systems Valua-Added Reseller in Maryland

Digitech Systems offers its comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite exclusively through its Value-Added Resellers, like Micro Records, leading document imaging company that provides value pricing and quality document conversion deliverables.

If you would like to learn more about Human Resources (HR) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!

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