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How ImageSilo Protects Your Business From Data Hacking

Learn how ImageSilo protects your business from data hacking.

Learn how ImageSilo protects your business from data hacking.

Hacking has become a huge threat to businesses all over the world, as organizations of all sizes are experiencing data breaches. It’s crucial to be aware of all potential threats to protect your network and to put preventative practices to put in place to avoid hacks. ImageSilo provides secure document storage and retrieval solution that keeps files protected. Continue reading to learn how ImageSilo protects your business from data hacking.

What Is ImageSilo?

ImageSilo allows users to outsource data storage and management services to secure data centers and access information online and anywhere and at any time. The system design is the foundation for extremely secure and flexible ECM. A major plus for businesses is that each aspect of ImageSilo is made to cost-effectively scale to immense proportions, provide high availability, and guarantee data integrity.

ImageSilo is crucial for those who want to protect their company from data hacking, as it is a true on-demand solution and a closed network, it has extensive security features, two synchronized data storage centers are maintained at all times, and it uses the most secure network design and data delivery. ImageSilo also undergoes daily independent third-party security verification, and physical access to the ImageSilo data storage facilities is restricted to avoid theft of any kind.

Benefits of ImageSilo

ImageSilo stores all of your business’s information on a highly redundant Storage Area Network, utilizing fiber-channel RAID 5 storage arrays, to guarantee the fastest access to your sensitive records. The web-based interface provides the same functionality of a desktop-based document management system. Another benefit is that it provides unlimited access to unlimited users, so your employees can access their files in a secure manner. Employees can even email, print, fax or grant access to documents directly from the browser to safely share data throughout the company. Lastly, ImageSilo ensures that your corporate information integrity is never compromised through state-of-the-art security measures.

Secure Online Document Management With Micro Records

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