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Law Firms and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management The number of documents that law firms handle can be staggering. Law firms and corporate counsel spend a good amount of time researching records, preparing court documents, managing case information and ensuring regulatory compliance. Because of this, effective document management is can be the difference between winning and losing a close case.

With so much at stake, law firms need Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to enable them to manage information and simplify document control; reduce the time and cost required to store, manage, retrieve and share case documents; and enhance security.

Law Firms and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

“Enterprise Content Management has become a critical business system for legal practices of every size and type. From compliance and the demand for greater transparency to the need for electronic security and faster, more efficient business administration, ECM technology can simplify information management and sharpen a law competitive edge.” – Jima Ann Ikegawa Esq., Certified Records Manager, DocuTech

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) from Digitech Systems

Digitech Systems offers its comprehensive ECM product suite exclusively through its Value-Added Resellers, like Micro Records, a leading document imaging company that provides value pricing and quality document conversion deliverables.

Benefits of ECM from Digitech Systems

Digitech Systems’ Enterprise ECM can replace sluggish paper-based legal processes with convenient electronic systems that simplify document conversions and save time.

  1. PaperVision® Capture streamlines paper scanning and indexing processes.
  2. lmageSilo, the Software as a Service (SaaS) ECM service, can efficiently handle contracts, client correspondence and sensitive case information, so attorneys and businesses can reduce costs and enhance profitability.
  3. PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow drives productivity by enabling office managers and paralegals to automate document processes for both standard business records and case proceedings.
  4. PaperVision® Message Manager captures, archives and applies retention schedules to all email messages and attachments, making electronic discovery fast and easy for corporate counsel.

You can reach Micro Records by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow Micro Records on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!

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