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Is Your Microfilm Too Damaged For a Microfilm Scanner?

Microfilm Scanner

Is your microfilm too damaged to be used by a microfilm scanner? These are some common problems.

One common, popular option for storing documents and images is the use of microfilm. Many offices and business take advantage of this technology, but it does come with certain caveats. This includes the fact that microfilm is susceptible to damage, particularly over time, which can cause the files to become unreadable. Micrfofilm is typically very durable and can last quite a long time, but the concern is still there. Let’s take a look at what you should know about microfilm damage and how that may impact your microfilm scanner.

Fungal Growth

Improper storage of microfilm can ultimately lead to the growth of fungus. If your documents are exposed to rapid changes in temperature in humidity, this will only promote the problem and cause chemical degredation. Soon, you may smell the hint of vinegar on your microfilm or see signs that something is amiss—which means it’s time to get to the microfilm scanner immediately and preserve those documents before it’s too late. If your film continues to degrade, it will become completely unusable. 

Degrading Nitrite

Older microfilm, like the kind used in the 1890s to 1950s, can be a specific type: nitrite based. This older kind of film has the potential drawback of releasing nitric acid, which will make the film yellow and sticky. Fortunately, most film still retains its photographic detail at this point, though you want to get to a microfilm scanner as soon as possible just in case. This kind of degredation can make film soft, brittle, and even result in a blurry image, though if done properly, it can still be scanned for future use.

Why Use a Microfilm Scanner?

Ever seen a microfilm scanner in action? They’re capable of capturing up to 800,000 scans in a single DAY! Even if film starts to deteriorate, there’s still a good chance the image can be stored for future use and even cleaned up with the right software. Storing your film in a climate-controlled facility is important as well to help with the longevity of your film.

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