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Microfilm and Microfiche: What’s the Difference?

Microfilm and microfiche are similar technologies but distinct in their rite. Micro Records implements microfilm and microfiche conversions, which can help commercial businesses save space when storing documents. Microfilm and microfiche conversions are incredibly affordable and straightforward, making them an easy route for business owners to choose. Micro Records works with microfiches that are COM, jacketed, and even 105mm. Our production process is incredibly secure, which will ensure that your documents are safely converted without a hitch.

microfilm and microfiche

Microfilm and microfiche conversions are incredibly affordable and simple, which makes them an easy route for business owners to choose.

What is Microfilm? 

Microfilm can provide business owners with the ability to record-keep sans paper documentation. Microfilm stores photographs or records in a small film format. A roll of microfilm is incredibly compact and enables individuals to store a mass amount of information in a small format, which relieves your business of paper record keeping. You can eliminate original hard copies when you’ve converted your necessary hard copy documents to microfilm. Microfilm can store up to 2,500 images on a simplex microfilm roll.

What is Microfiche?

Microfiche is similar to microfilm but contains fewer images in comparison to microfilm. Microfiche can usually contain about 60 shots compared to microfilm, which can hold around 2500 on a simplex microfilm roll. The difference between microfilm and microfiche? Microfiche allows individuals to place pertinent information on a title strip. This allows anyone who is accessing the microfiche to understand what title correlates to each image, which provides clarity to whoever is accessing the microfiche. 

Should I Choose Microfilm or Microfiche? 

Choosing microfilm or microfiche comes down to what you feel as though is personally best for your business. Do you need to store a lot of necessary information at a low price? If so, microfilm might be a better option to consider. Do you need to hold a select amount of information and ensure that it is labeled for clarity? Consider microfiche as an acceptable option. Micro Records can help you determine whether microfilm or microfiche is best for your business practices. Reach out for a consultation today!

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

If you have more questions about document management software, Micro Records is here to help you with all of your needs. We can help your business to transition to a paperless way of life with outstanding e-forms and technology. For more information about how we can help you implement your new document management software, visit us online or give us a call at 877-410-SCAN. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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