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How to Protect Your Files from Hackers

cyber security

How to protect your files against hackers

Computer hacking poses a serious threat to identity security, for obvious reasons. One of the main ways that identity thieves steal identity is through computers–whether it be through spyware or the internet. Of course, your information can still be stolen when you scan your credit card, throw away personal documents, and even when you use the ATM with bystanders getting a little too close. Since computers are one of the primary forms of sharing information and even paying bills, monitoring accounts, and shopping online, protecting your computer and laptop is a large part of protecting yourself from identity theft. Therefore, for your own piece of mind it computer hacking poses a serious threat to identity security, for obvious reasons.

Stay Updated!

Many anti-virus and anti-spyware programs have regular updates that you should install on your computer to keep up with the latest advances in computer hacking prevention. Beware of suspicious emails as well. If it looks like spam or suspicious in some way, don’t open it, just delete it. Never reply to emails asking for personal information, as most companies will never request this information over email. The most important thing you can do is to exercise caution by using the appropriate anti-hacking software and to use good judgement when on the Internet.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

You enjoy free internet through Wi-Fi hotspots libraries, coffee shops, at bars, and other public places. It seems harmless. Little do you know, a stranger could know your birthplace, the schools you attended, and your recent search history in 20 minutes. Most public connections are either unsecured or have shared passwords. Public Wi-Fi makes for an easy target for hackers. Hackers want to sit between you and the websites you visit in order to look at your information. They do this with little effort on public Wi-Fi. Besides the lack of security, all sorts of different people might their share sensitive information through public Wi-Fi.

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