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Reduce Data Entry Errors with Improved Accuracy from FileBound

Reduce Data Entry ErrorsWhen it comes to your business, human errors, more specifically data entry errors, can be a big problem. Even the smallest error can send big ripples throughout a company. Just visualize throwing a pebble into a lake. That tiny pebble disrupts the entire lake!

To combat the problem of data entry errors problem, most companies turn to improved training methods, incentives, double-checking by a second employee and even double entry of data. However, despite each of these solutions helping to minimize errors, each solution is also time consuming and costly. There has to be a better way…

Reduce Data Entry Errors with Improved Accuracy from FileBound

With FileBound, invoices are scanned and electronically filed immediately upon receipt. The data is recorded and imported into the general accounting system. The AP system has the exact information including quantity, price, total due, payment due date and much more. And since FIleBound has the invoice for processing there will be no more lost or misplaced invoices and the monthly AP accrual can be made with assurance of complete information.

Filebound ASP from Micro Records

The Filebound ASP on-demand, software-as-service model gives your company the same great benefits if Filebound without the upfront capital investment. Plus, FileBound assumes all the responsibility for performance, upgrades and maintenance. That’s what we like to call a win-win!

Benefits of Filebound ASP

  1. Cost: As we have already mentioned, Filebound ASP requires no upfront capital investment. You receive all of the benefits of FileBound for a small monthly fee.
  2. Customer Service: Filebound ASP allows you to serve your customers and clients better. Trust us, they will be appreciative.
  3. Flexibility & Scalability: Filebound ASP allows you to easily and immediately accommodate those changes.
  4. Additional Benefits: Additional benefits of Filebound ASP include redundancy, disaster recovery and business continuity.
  5. And more!

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