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Our STERI-Book System Can Disinfect Your Publicly-Used Books


At Micro Records, we believe in using the STERI-Book system to effectively sanitize and treat publicly-used books and other items.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to disinfect and ensure hygienic practices within a commercial business or public setting. At Micro Records, we believe in using the STERI-Book system to effectively sanitize and treat publicly-used books. The STERI-Book system utilizes UV-C rays to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, and even mold from all types of bound books. The STERI-Book system also uses a highly-functional fan to remove dust particles, hair, and any additional crumb remnants that might’ve fallen between the pages of a book. Whether you’re a library, office environment, or simply a commercial business looking to provide sanitizing solutions to your employees, the STERI-Book is a practical solution and designed for public use.

The STERI-Book Effectively Disinfects Up to 12 Books Per Minute

We provide STERI-Book systems to companies, libraries, and commercial businesses who are looking to add a public disinfection solution to their publicly-used books. This can be particularly beneficial during the current pandemic to help reduce fear associated around handling public books, especially in library settings. The SB-601 Public model can effectively disinfect up to 12 books per minute and can even be used to disinfect other miscellaneous belongings. Though the SB-601 Public has not been studied in regards to elimination of the COVID-19 virus, it can provide peace of mind to individuals looking for an alternative public sanitization solution for most bacteria. 

The STERI-Book System Can Be Used for More Than Just Books

The STERI-Book SB-601 Public model can be used for more than just books to effectively eliminate numerous types of bacteria. This system is provided in a public setting, intended to be used by the public, for disinfection of numerous surfaces. This includes the following: cell phones, keys, magazines, books, writing utensils, purses, and even more with a 99% disinfection rate. 

Micro Records Supplies the STERI-Book System

Reach out to Micro Records today for all of your STERI-Book system inquiries. We can provide you with a STERI-Book solution for any setting for public use to increase hygienic practices. Looking for more information on the STERI-Book SB-601 Public System? Read on to find out more information!

Have Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

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