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Streamline Healthcare Practices with Enterprise Content Management

ECM for healthcareThere are two things that are important in the healthcare industry: speed and efficiency. Sometimes it’s hard to make sure that you’re getting both at the same time. Quality of work tends to drop if when people feel rushed or stressed. There’s no time for that in the healthcare industry, though. Everything must be precise and it must be quick to deliver the best level of care to patients. Speed and efficiency are important in every area of healthcare, including data retrieval and indexing. You want to make sure that you can have your patients’ documents at your fingertips whenever you need them. PaperVision from DigiTech Systems allows you to easily access documents in just seconds.

Why Use PaperVision from DigiTech Systems?

PaperVision is ECM (enterprise content management) at its finest. It makes HIPAA regulations and requirements easy to comply with and makes it simple to keep track of tons of information.

  • Work Efficiently – PaperVision has helped medical practices gain 4,000 hours of productive time annually, accounting for all personnel in the offices. Saving that much time means that you have time to take care of what’s really important in your office: your patients. Instead of worrying about files that could be alphabetized incorrectly or even in different branches of your office, you can access all files with a couple clicks. This is also beneficial for auditing purposes!
  • Enhance Security – Medical records contain private information that should only be shared between doctor and patient. You don’t want anyone else getting ahold of your patient’s paperwork without permission. PaperVision gives you the ability to make patient documents password accessible, that way the only people able to access the documents are those with permissions.
  • Save Space – Is your office feeling cramped by a million filing cabinets? We know how it goes. You have to keep files for a certain amount of time per laws and HIPAA compliance, but those files can severely clutter up your office. Having electronic files will save you massive amounts of space. Additionally, PaperVision doesn’t require any extra hardware. All you’ll need is the computer that you already have.
  • Easy Access – If you have a few different practices that all require access to the same information, you need to be able to access files from anywhere. That’s where PaperVision from DigiTech comes in. Like a cloud computing service, PaperVision allows you to view these documents from anywhere that you have access to Wi-Fi. You shouldn’t have to miss out on important work because you’re not in a specific office.

Papervision Workflow Solution

Digitizing your workflow management system using PaperVision Workflow can greatly benefit your Baltimore medical practice. Streamline information so you can work more quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. When efficiency and productivity count, having a workflow system can give you the boost that you’re company needs. When you’re ready to have your information digitized, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!

Source: Boss Scan


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