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The Differences Between Data Entry and Data Capture

When it comes to manual data entry, accuracy and reliability is everything. Leave it to us.

When it comes to manual data entry, accuracy and reliability is everything. Leave it to Micro Records if you want to save time and money.

At Micro Records, we have over 20 years of experience conducting reliable data entry and data capture. With our capacity and expertise, we are able to serve our clients by successfully processing any type of data (both typed and handwritten) to and from any format. When it comes to data entry and capture, the importance of accuracy and dependability is unmatched.

By assigning these tasks to employees with a regular workload who lack professional training, you run the risk of costly errors and poor time management. When you put your trust in us, our highly trained professional operators can perform high quality data entry services at the most affordable and competitive prices on the market. But first, what are the differences between data entry and data capture?

What is Data Entry?

Data entry refers to the process of inputting and storing the text and numbers from a handheld document into a digital format for future access and use. Depending on the type of document (surveys, feedback forms, etc.), data entry can be done manually or completed using automated computer software. These documents can range with answers from short and brief to incredibly detailed and lengthy. If the source of data is handwritten, using automated processing methods are not ideal. This data will require manual entry, which comes at a higher cost to due its time-consuming nature. Click here to learn more about the cost-effective importance of accurate data entry and electronic access.

What is Data Capture?

Data capture refers to the process of collecting data from external and internal resources. Data capture services, unlike data entry services, are ideal for extracting simple multiple choice answers from electronic documents (surveys, feedback forms, etc.) that were inputted in the form of filled bubbles, checked boxes, colored lines, or circled answers. Data capture tends to be cheaper and produces a quick turnaround. However, since data capture is an automated process, handwritten responses will still require manual data entry.

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