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What are the Advantages of Electronic Forms?

digital formWhether you work in a doctor’s office, for an insurance company, or in customer service, chances are you’re going to need a form eventually. Forms are a great way to collect information and input it into a database. You can easily gather statistics, health information, and more by simply having a customer or client fill out a form. Handwritten forms can complicate things, though. They’re easy to lose; important information can be skewed or gone forever. Paper is also susceptible to damage. Electronic forms, however, can help you gather information in a quick, efficient way that is nearly disaster proof.

Why Electronic Forms are Better than Paper Forms

For starters, electronic forms allow you to speed up the collection process. Most people are proficient with computers today. Technology is a part of our everyday lives – think about it. If you’re reading this right now, you’re likely on a tablet, computer, or phone. Consider how often you deal with paper compared to technology. Which would you rather use? eForms will help your customers to get through forms faster and allow you to move on to more important tasks!

Electronic forms are also easy to distribute. Sending paper mail is expensive and time consuming. If you need to collect information, it is much easier to send out a mass email than it is to stuff hundreds of envelopes. Moreover, you may not see those pieces of paper returned to you for a week or more (if at all). Email is instantaneous and allows your customer base to quickly fill in the information and respond to you within minutes.

If you believe in being environmentally friendly, electronic forms are a good solution. You’ll waste less paper and ink by using electronic forms. You’ll also be saving money. Between the cost of ink, paper, and stamps, you could even save hundreds of dollars over time. Electronic forms are unlimited and allow you to easily create a form that you can use for years, with little tweaks here and there. They’re intuitive and easy to use for both the creator as well as the customer, patient, or client!

Creating Your Own eForms

E-forms allow you to create and store a library of on-demand forms to automate the creation, distribution, and filing of transactional forms. These templates can be configured as Word, HTML, or XML documents. The created forms can be routed down a workflow for completion or printing. The printed forms include a document ID barcode generated by the system and placed on the form. This allows completed forms to be tracked and auto-scanned into the system by reading the barcode. Our solutions can also integrate with existing form creation applications. Please give us a call at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today to learn more about how you can incorporate e-Forms! We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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