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What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

Enteprise content managementWe throw the term ECM around a lot at Micro Record, but we realize that there’s a chance that you don’t actually know a whole lot of ECM; you probably are pretty knowledgeable about the benefits, but this week we want to tell you about exactly what ECM is and how it functions. Enterprise content management is what is used to help you organize and take care of your documents and different content. It allows for organizational strategies to help your company maintain documents, and in the case of Digitech systems, to share them and make them easier to access as well. So, on to the next question.

How does enterprise content management work for me?
Enterprise content management allows you to do a few different things. First, you obtain the information or content and add it to your ECM system. Through a system like Digitech, you’ll be able to organize the information in a way that suits you best. Organizing the information will make it easier for employees to give better customer service and focus on the tasks at hand. Second, you’ll be able to use the information. Depending on what you’re collecting information for, you’ll be able to process and modify it to suit your company’s needs. Through Digitech’s Filebound system, everyone with the security abilities to access the information will be able to work on the documents and content at hand. Third, you’ll be able to preserve and backup the information. This step is absolutely crucial for any company handling important information. Backing up and safely storing work can help you in the long run in case of an accident or emergency that comes up. Finally, you’ll be able to easily deliver information to clients, customers, other employees, and for auditing. Enterprise content management can easily save you time and money, while allowing you to organize all of the information that floats around different people’s hard drives and various servers. Put all of your information in one place for easy, secure access.

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