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What is a Workflow Management System?

workflow management systems

Workflow systems can change the way your office operates.

A workflow management system is often used to help businesses streamline their processes and to keep track of where projects are during the process. Often used to track projects, many workflow management systems can help your business run smoothly and set tangible goals. But what exactly is a workflow management system and the benefits of having one in your business?

What is a Workflow Management System?

A workflow management system is a piece of software that provides an infrastructure to setup, execute, and monitor processes. The concept of these systems is to set up a series of automated actions that can be triggered to occur based on a behavior or contact information. Many workflow systems go beyond simple emails and take simple marketing automation to the next level by allowing you to send information and trigger email notifications. But why would you need one in your business?

Benefits of a Workflow Management System

One of the main benefits of workflow systems is the customizable features. Many workflow systems allow you to customize the system in order to make the process more efficient and even allow you to run things simultaneously instead of sequentially. These tasks can be arranged and assigned to different people with the appropriate skills. If you wish to oversee these processes, managers are allowed to view the flow without interrupting it. When using a workflow system, it frees up the work so managers are allowed to concentrate on strategic business oriented activities instead of the day-to-day tasks. And most importantly, workflow management systems are often linked to your document management systems and other databases. This link allows you to keep a record of what occurs in the system and to audit a trail to see who did what when and what actions were performed.

A workflow system allows you to keep track of your employees and the projects inside your company without constantly having to ask. For more information on workflow management systems, call Micro Records today!

Workflow Management Systems with Micro Records

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