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Document imaging is the process of converting paper documents (records) to electronic images via a computer system and scanner
  • Reduces filing costs
  • Reduces space requirements (scanning allows you to get rid of filing cabinets)
  • Decreases human error in storage procedures
  • Improves searching, retrieving, and storing information
  • Protects information
  • Improves customer service
  • Enables data backup for disaster recovery and preservation programs
Micro Records will scan your work in a format specified by the customer. We are not limited in the types of formats we use (tiff, pdf, jpeg, etc.). Our solution consultants are there to guide you through this process if you are unsure.
Micro Records will either return or destroy your work, as indicated by the customer. Our services include secure and certified shredding of your already imaged documents.
MicroRecords does all of the work for you. We will come right to your facility and pick up your packed records. Our drivers will then bring your work back to our facility where our team of highly trained scanning specialists will proceed to image your work. It's as simple as calling 410-238-7480 and arranging a pickup.
Micro Records can take your microfilmed work and scan them into digital images that will be retrievable right from a local PC. You can now forget about the time and energy wasted by using reader-printers. Think how easy it will be to view and print microfilmed records right from a local PC.