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Document Scanning Services for the Legal Industry

Law firms and other legal services are dependent on speed, efficiency and effective information management. If anyone of these key pieces of the process is missing, then the whole thing falls apart and you lose cases and money.

Unfortunately, document management can get quickly out of hand during court cases. There are court documents, correspondence and variety of other kinds of documents that you need to keep track of during the discovery and research phase. When you manage your documents electronically, things get a whole lot easier.

This is why you should definitely consider purchasing document imaging services. The benefits of this service are numerous. Keep reading to learn more about these benefits and how document scanning can transform your law firm.

Supercharge Your Legal Team

One of the biggest benefits of document imaging services is the power they have to supercharge your teams. Instead of your attorneys spending all their time trying to sort through a sea of papers, you can enable them to get through documents in a more efficient manner.

The bulk of this efficiency comes from the ability to maintain all of the necessary documents in a centralized location for your entire team to access. After you’ve scanned in all your documents, you can easily pinpoint what you’re looking for through full-text searchable PDFs. You can also number and reference all of your electronic documents with your own naming conventions to help with an easier transition for your team.

Finally, you can integrate your new electronic document management system with your existing software applications for greater collaboration between attorneys and supporting staff.

Save on Operating and Setup Costs

As a law firm, you’re worried about the cost of each case and how you can most effectively manage your resources. One of the biggest cost savings that come from implementing a new document scanning service comes in the form of minimizing the amount of time your team spends on sorting, organizing and maintaining physical documents.

You’ll also get gain savings in a variety of other ways with document imaging services. For starters, you won’t need to spend tons of money to buy hardware for document storage. The service also comes with built-in IT support, meaning you won’t have to supplement your IT team with new employees. The software also allows for automation of document processing, which saves more time and money.

Gain Greater Control of Evidence and Case Information

Your clients depend on you to protect their information and control their evidence with as much care and security as possible. You’re also required to follow strict compliance laws and regulations, which means you need to take extra measures to protect this sensitive information.

Fortunately, secure document scanning helps you enhance your audits through meticulous reporting and documentation processes. The software keeps all your documents secure with built-in protection features. You’ll also be able to control who accesses the case documents and the software will maintain a record for each operation any user takes with a document. With these security features, you gain greater control and security of all your legal records.


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