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5 Document Management Trends in 2016

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“The Cloud” has an increasingly present impact on document management solutions.

Technology is constantly advancing, and your document management solution should be doing the same. Document management systems are evolving to better accommodate several kinds of businesses and users with a variety of needs. Micro Records is here to fill you in on five document management trends and solutions that are current in 2016.

Cloud-Based Storage

The “cloud” has changed the way the world does business. The cloud makes it possible for businesses to store unlimited amounts of data and for employees to access it from any location. Cloud-based document management solutions have an increasingly present impact.

Mobile Access

When your employees have mobile access to relevant data from any location, during any time, on any device – this creates an incredible document management solution. Mobility increases productivity and more often than not, leads to happier customers and employees.

Integration Solutions

Integrating document management solutions and workflow tools is a popular way to increase productivity. Integration solutions make it possible for managers to integrate scheduled and assigned tasks within a wide array of affiliated documents. It also makes it possible to share, accept, or deny changes made to project documents with ease.

End User Benefit

Technology continues to advance to meet the needs and satisfy the experience of the end user. Document management tools are trending towards an increased focus on the end user, making these systems more convenient, usable, and controllable to operate and manage.

Increased Security

As document management solutions evolve, there is a need for increased security to match the benefits. Increased security ensures that electronic documents that contain sensitive information are managed and controlled effectively with disrupting workflow.

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