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The Benefits of a Document Management System in Schools

ecm for schools

Discover the benefits of investing into a document management system for your school.

The education sector is an industry that requires work at a high capacity. With tight administrative deadlines, digital documentation can supplement the work needed by streamlining the process and centralizing its data. Most schools have some form of digital document filing system. However, the system may be frustrating, hard to maintain or present gaps in knowledge. From the student application process to tight administrative budgets and fast turn times, higher education needs to compete at a more organized level. Most universities have traditionally relied on paper-based forms of organization, which entail more time and paper management. So today, we will look at the benefits of a document management system for your school.

Effective and Efficient

We all live in a world of limited storage space, and institutions of education are no different. Document management software allows records management personnel to adhere to appropriate retention schedules based on various document classification types, and send files to offsite storage promptly or for secure destruction. Document management software helps to keep institutions of higher learning and education organized so that they run more effectively and efficiently. Using the proper software, with an easy-to-use interface, can make a huge difference in how documents are stored, how easily administrators can access them and how effectively university or school staff utilize it.

Document Management Benefits

  • More Space: Converting paper files to digital files allows schools to convert storage areas into a productive work-space.
  • Instant Access: Schools that have adopted a document management system have immediate access to files, benefiting students completing assignments and administrators making deliberations.  
  • Risk mitigation: Having files stored digitally could save your school records in cases of disaster, and could also ensure that the only people who have access to sensitive, personal information are the people with the proper clearance.
  • Easily shared documents: If you are still emailing documents or printing them and hand delivering, you can certainly speed processing times having them in the cloud.

Document Scanning for Your Office from Micro Records

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