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What Are the Benefits of Large Format Scanning?

Large Format Scanning

Dealing with large documents can be a headache at times but it’s also sometimes necessary. This can be made easier by taking advantage of large format scanning.

If you’re looking into scanning services, you may have heard the term large format scamming. Large format scamming is a process wherein oversized documents are digitized with an LFD scanner. This takes oversized paper documents smaller and easier to manage or access, plus you can digitize them in a variety of formats including .JPEG, .TIFF, and .PDF, among others. The biggest benefit is clear: reducing the size of documents so that they’re manageable. There are many other benefits however, so let’s take a look at some reasons you may want to invest in large format scanning.

Better Productivity

Once files are digitized, it’s far easier to send them around, find them when needed, and store them for the future. As a result, you’re going to be able to work with increased productivity. Using keyword searches can be an easy way of accessing all of your documents and large format scanning is often an essential part in taking those oversized documents and making them usable for how you need.

Easier Management

These days, much of our file management happens over the Internet. Cloud platforms make it possible to access files from home or wherever you have access to a network. That means that it’s incredibly important that documents end up digitized so they can be accessed wherever, so you can always be sure that you’re going to be able to get your fingers onto your documents when you need to.


Traditionally, getting through mountains of documents is a difficult task. In fact, some jobs were entirely centered on document management tasks. With keyword search and accessibility power, digitized documents can be indexed and found easily at a moment’s notice. No more sifting through papers and trying to find what you want: organize your files how you need to.

Good For Backups

Large format documents often need to be kept for long periods of time, though you may not have the space to keep them around physically. Keeping a spare copy is made easy once you invest in large format scanning. It becomes as easy as right-clicking and creating a spare copy so you have all the backups where you need them, when you need them.

Questions? Micro Records is Here to Help

If you have more questions about document management software, Micro Records is here to help you with all of your needs. We can help your business to transition to a paperless way of life with outstanding e-forms and technology. For more information about how we can help you implement your new document management software, visit us online or give us a call at 877-410-SCAN. For more tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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