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Benefits of Aperture Card Conversion

Aperture Card Conversions

Convert your aperture cards into a digital system with Micro Records! Micro Records: we do what we must, because we can!

While it is fun to relive old technology, again and again, technology can quickly become obsolete, leaving your business behind. It is important for your business to stay current with new technology. If your business is still using aperture cards to store information on, it is definitely time for some modifications to your systems. Unlike digital systems, aperture cards need a special reader in order to see the information on them and can only be used with the reader. But when you have your aperture cards converted into digital files with Micro Records, you will be able to view and share the information across your network. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of aperture card conversions.

Eliminate the Need for a Reader

One of the biggest reasons you should convert your aperture cards into a digital format are the readers themselves. Card readers are constantly breaking down and require costly repairs in order to maintain this old technology. Getting rid of this ancient technology can free up space around your office that would normally store your cards and readers.

Instant and Easy Access

Trying to view the information on aperture cards can be a hassle. This information is often unreadable as the cells have corroded. But when you convert the information into a digital format, you will be able to quickly search each document to find the information you need. With a digital conversion, your aperture cards will also be accessible from multiple computers as well as multiple sites, giving your employees the information they need from any location.

Improves Productivity and Efficiency

When your employees are able to quickly and efficiently access the information on your aperture cards, they are better equipped to do their job in a timely manner. It will also help to boost the morale of your staff as they are able to take a more active role in their position instead of spending time searching for documents.

Aperture cards have quickly become obsolete with the introduction of digital technology. Stay with the times and call Micro Records for an aperture card conversion.

Aperture Card Conversions with Micro Records!

No matter what kind of business you have, you want to spend your time working for your clients, not searching for paperwork. Micro Records can help you with that. Our products can get you on the right track. If you want to learn more about how we can help you to smoothly transition to the digital age, please contact Micro Records Company, Inc. by calling 877-410-SCAN or visiting!

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