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Benefits of Microfilm Scanning for Your Business

get rid of this stack of binders by scanning it with microfilmIn the midst of the “digital age” it is easy to write off or forget the importance of having physical copies of documents. Physical copies of documents aren’t dependent on access to the internet or even electricity, and hardcopy remains relevant, where as digital formats may become out dated, lost, or destroyed as computers age. However, full sized hardcopies of documents can take up a lot of space. Scanning documents and images onto microfilm and microfiche is a time tested system that can save space, save money, is long lasting, and maintains document authenticity.

Time Tested System

Microfilm was first used militarily in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 where it was used to send messages via pigeon. It has been used commercially since 1925 for the purposes of keeping large quantities of data in a compact and accessible format. Microfilm has stood the test of time because it is easy to use, reproduce, and view.

Works on Variety of Formats

Microfilm is an excellent system of storage because it works for a wide variety of hardcopy. Microfilm may be used to store legal documents, letters, newspapers, books, technical drawings, schematics, and even color images.

Always Accessible

Microfilm is always accessible and may be read in a variety of ways. Though electronic and digital readers are popular now, in the event of a power outage microfilm may be read with analogue methods as simple as a candle light source and magnifying glass.

Save Space

Microfilm saves a tremendous amount of space compared to regular full sized hardcopies. Up to 98 documents may fit on a single fiche. Microfilm may reduce document storage space up to 98%.

Save Money

Microfilm can save your company money on hardcopies in a number of ways. Microfilm itself is an inexpensive method of making copies of a large quantity of material. Microfilms small size saves storage space which saves money. And finally microfilms small size means that a great deal of information can be transported inexpensively.

Long Lasting

Microfilm, if properly cared for, may be archived for long periods of time. Cared for under ideal conditions microfilm may last up to 500 years. However, in non-ideal conditions an archival life of 20 years is more reasonable.

Legal Redundancy

The last benefit of microfilm is that it is recognized as legally admissible in legal proceedings as a substitute for the original document, provided it’s creation was correctly documented. Having redundant copies of important documents is an essential practice to keep documents and

Get Your Important Documents Scanned onto Microfilm

At Micro Records, our microfilm scanning process guarantees the utmost safety with regards to handling your original film. We make sure everything is handled with maximum care and quality before, during and after the scanning process. The finished job is carefully packaged and sent back to you alongside your originals in pristine condition.

Micro Records Company supports all major File Formats. From one microfilm viewer or workstation to an entire microfilm production and access network, Micro Records can give you everything you need, backed by the best service in the industry.

If you’re interested in microfilm scanning or any other digital document services please give us a call at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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