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Office Spring Cleaning: Why Document Destruction is Important

document destruction destroy documents before you're buried by them. It’s nearly spring, and time to do some in office cleaning. Clean out the bathrooms, clean out kitchenette, and time to clean out your documents. Document destruction is key to running an efficient and successful business. Old documents are not only a waste of space, but hurt your company by acting as potential security risks and by office efficiency. Below we’ll explain how document destruction spring cleaning can

Save Space

Document destruction, the process of going through them and disposing of what’s not needed, can save your company space, physical and digital. Both physical and digital space cost your company money. By cleaning out old, outdated, and irrelevant files, both physical and digital, you can free up space for new documents and data. Reusing space this way saves your company capitol, as opposed to buying more physical and digital document space. But old documents don’t just take up space, but are also potentially dangerous.

Protect Privileged Information

Protecting privileged information is probably the most important benefit of document destruction. Your businesses documents may include important customer, client, employer, and employee information. Credit card information, social security numbers and other private/personal information are just a couple examples of important data that is at risk if it is left around longer then necessary on paper documents or in digital files. If such data were to fall in the wrong hands it could seriously hurt your company in a number of ways. For example, if customer credit card information were stolen from your documents and used your company would be liable. Paying off the liability suit and reimbursing your customers would be expensive, but there would also be the cost of bad PR from the incident. The best way to ensure that this kind of information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands in the form of an old document is to make sure you destroy old and unnecessary documents. Besides acting as a potential threat to your businesses security a surplus of old documents can also reduce your company’s efficiency.

Improves Performance

Piles of old documents, or drives of them in digital space, can hurt your company by making it less efficient. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the more documents you have the longer it takes to search through them to find something. This is true for both physical and digital documents, because even though the “search” function on a computer is normally faster then a human if you search for something from a particular client the search will bring up all the documents that client is mentioned in, and then you still end up having to sort through them by hand. Another way excessive old documents can reduce your businesses efficiency is by directly effecting employee psychology. The more cluttered and messy a workspace, the less efficiently employees work. Using document destruction to clear up old documents can make document retrieval faster, and help improve your employees’ motivation and efficiency.

Get Document Destruction from Micro Records

Document destruction saves your small business space, prortects it from data theft, and makes it more efficient. Please give us a call at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today to learn more about the benefits of document destruction! We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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