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Why Your Business Should Be Shredding Documents

Learn why your business should be shredding your documents.

Learn why your business should be shredding your documents.

Businesses today have a lot of paperwork to deal with, even though we’re living in the digital age. But the truth is that for many businesses, most of the paperwork has to actually be paper at some point. But that also means that you’re responsible for the data on that paperwork and for protecting the privacy of whoever that data belongs to. The best way to do this is through document shredding. If you aren’t shredding your vital documents, here are five reasons you should be.

The Green Choice

Most companies that do document shredding make sure that the paper is shredded into so many small pieces, with cuts in multiple directions, that it can safely be recycled. The shredded paper then can be cleaned and bleached and turned into new products, including more paper. Overall, the process is very green and you can feel good about it.

A Must For Medical

If your business is medicine, you already know that you have a legal requirement to protect the privacy and health information of your patients. In most cases, HIPPA requires that patient documents be stored securely or destroyed securely, once they’re no longer needed. Document shredding is the best way to do this.

Legal Obligation

Even if you’re not in the medical field, you still may be legally required to securely dispose of your files and documents. The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to do this is to shred your documents. Choosing a shredding service will free up the hours of time you’d otherwise have to devote to this process.

Secure Your Data

The data on your documents isn’t just the personal information of your clients or customers, it is also that of your employees and even your own. The data could also include vital information about the running of your business, including material costs and distributor contracts, that could be sensitive, depending on your industry. The best way to keep all of this information safe and out of the wrong hands is to destroy it by shredding your documents.

Clean Up Clutter

The most visible reason to shred your documents is that it clears up all the clutter in your office. Once you have a digital file, you don’t need to store the physical copy any longer. Send it all to the shredder and free up that physical space for something else, like a nice plant on your desk.

Go Paperless With Micro Records

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