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CoLibri Book Covering System for Maryland Schools

colibri book coversKids are not always as careful as you want them to be. They don’t always understand the full repercussions of their actions and sometimes they ruin things – it happens. The best defense when it comes to kids is a good offense. This strategy will work for just about anything, but it’ll work especially well for books. Books can get expensive for school libraries and it’s important to protect every book available so students have access to literature and research materials. While dust jackets will help protect the books, it’s also a good idea to protect the dust jackets themselves. CoLibri covers can do that and more.

Convenience – Books come in different sizes, but there are about 3 sizes of covers that will cover any book you need. The standard CoLibri cover will actually cover about 70% of the books in your library, so you’ll rarely have to change any settings or mess with the system in any way. It’s a quick and convenient way to safely cover all of the books.

Protection – You’re probably thinking, “It’s great that the book will be protected, but what about the adhesives to keep the cover on the book. Won’t that harm it later on?” The CoLibri system doesn’t actually use adhesives of any kind to stay on the book. You can replace or remove the cover at any time without hurting the book.

Save Money – Purchasing the CoLibri System means that you can quickly and easily cover books by yourself rather than hiring a company or sending them off. You can rest easy knowing that when students take books home or out of the library that the book will be protected from the sun’s rays, general wear and tear, dust, grime, and more. Not having to regularly replace books means more money to buy new books.

Safe to Use – Some schools allow students to work in the library during class periods for class credit or service hours. If you’re a school that does this, you can safely have students operate the CoLibri system. There’s no blade or knife involved in cutting the covers, so the students will never be at risk of hurting themselves when operating the CoLibri system. You can save yourself time and give students a better appreciation for how to keep books safe from harm.

As a Maryland school, you know how hard students can be on books sometimes. The CoLibri system will help your students keep their books safe and hopefully give them a better appreciation for books and responsibility for borrowed items! Micro Records is a proud distributor of the CoLibri system. If you’re interested in purchasing the CoLibri system for your Maryland school or library, you can reach Micro Records by calling 877-410-SCAN or visit! You can also follow Micro Records on FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+, and YouTube as well!

Source: CoLibri

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