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Using ImageSilo to Simplify Auditing

auditThat word. The one feared by just about every company, regardless of what kind of company it is: auditing. Audits mean hunting down a lot of old paperwork and dealing with third parties who just want to do their job and get out. It’s obvious how this could lead to a miserable experience for both parties. You should never have to spend hours dredging up old paperwork. It’s a waste of time and energy and kills productivity. Having everything readily available for an audit ensures that you’ll be able to get back to your job quickly and that your auditor won’t waste his or her time either. ImageSilo is a great way to consolidate all of the paperwork necessary for audits for any type of company for a few different reasons.

  1. Don’t lose important files – You know how easy it is for paper files to go missing. Not everyone has the same idea of responsibility and it never fails that at least one important document goes missing before an audit. If all of the files are scanned in using ImageSilo, you can be sure that you won’t lose any important documents. In fact, they’ll be backed up on another server to ensure their safety in the event that your computer crashes or a disaster occurs.
  2. Access the files from anywhere – This means you won’t be running all over the office trying to hunt down papers. Or worse, having to drive to another branch of your business to see if they have what you need. You can access all files from anywhere with an Internet connection. How convenient is that? DigiTech’s ImageSilo allows you to easily collect the documents that need to be audited all from one place!
  3. Save, save, save – We’re not just talking about money (though that is one perk of ImageSilo), but we’re also talking about space, both digital and physical. You don’t have to use your hard drive to use ImageSilo. You can choose our cloud option to upload everything without having to buy expensive equipment for storing your information. You’ll also save office space that you can use for more important things like a vending machine or extra desk. Saving money will allow you to focus more on customer service and can actually help you make some more money!

Using an ECM system like ImageSilo is a great way to improve productivity and make auditing a painless process. You’ll be able to get the job done quickly and without hassle for either party. If you have any questions for us about DigiTech Systems or ImageSilo, please give us a call at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today. We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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