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Comparing Destructive and Non-Destructive Book Scanning

Comparing Destructive and Non-Destructive Book Scanning

There are two main types of book scanning that we’ll be reviewing today: destructive and non-destructive.

There are a lot of businesses that wish to preserve important files, or make digital archives of various records they have. In these situations, book scanning can be the perfect solution. For those who don’t know, book scanning is a process through which books are either scanned or photographed so that they can be digitized and preserved to reference in the future. There are two main types of book scanning that we’ll be reviewing today: destructive and non-destructive.

Non-Destructive Book Scanning

Perhaps your business wants to digitize its books while still preserving the physical copies so that they can be used at a later time. If so, then non-destructive book scanning would be the most suitable option. As long as you work with a trusted book scanning company, all of your books will be scanned and digitized in a manner that doesn’t damage the physical copies. This makes non-destructive book scanning a solid option, even if the books you have are more fragile and delicate. There is a slight downside that can happen with this scanning method, however. Since the pages aren’t removed from the books during scanning, it becomes slightly more difficult to get the top quality of images for your records. Fortunately, there are scanners with image-enhancing features that help to give you the best quality images you can get.

Destructive Book Scanning

While some businesses might want to preserve physical copies of their books, other businesses might not have the same desire. In this case, you could go with destructive scanning instead. This scanning method involves removing the pages from the book’s bindings, which makes it easier to have each individual page scanned.

While the physical books cannot be preserved this way, there is a tradeoff. This tradeoff is that each page can be put onto the scanner in a nice and flat manner. Because of this, you get higher quality images of whatever pages you scanned.

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