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How Damaged Is Too Damaged For A Microfilm Scanner

microfilm scanner

There is a lot to understand about microfilm scanners and keeping them clean!

When it comes to the office, a popular method of storing documents, images, and other information is on microfilm. The older the microfilm though, the more potential the files have to be unreadable. Here is everything you need to know about how much damage is too much damage and how to act ahead to save your information.

The Fungal Truth

Poor storage of microfilm can have long lasting damaging effects like the growth of fungus. When your microfilm is exposed to too many fluctuations in temperature, specifically humidity, the microfilm undergo chemical degradation. When this happens you may smell a vague hint of vinegar as a by-product. If this is something you smell or see happening with your microfilm, work immediately to digitize your information. Unfortunately, if your film gets to that point it cannot be reversed.

Nitrite Based Film

The nitrite based film which is common from 1890-1950, can yellow and become sticky when nitric acid is released. While most negatives will retain their photographic detail up to this point if they are scanned properly, the film may become soft or brittle cause the image to be illegible. Likewise, if your film is torn or rips easily it can be scanned very carefully but the image may be distorted.

Microfilm Scanners

Microfilm scanners are powerful machines capable of capturing up to 800,000 scans per day from microfilm. Even when the film begins to deteriorate it is possible to scan them and then clean the images up using advanced software techniques. To avoid having to play the guessing game about the quality of your film, make sure you store your film in a climate-controlled facility in climate controlled cases. Consider having your microfilm professionally converted and bypass all of your worries about your film quality.

Discover Better Solutions With Micro Records

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