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The Benefits Of A Digital Document Strategy

digital document strategy

Having a digital document strategy in place will make the transition to paperless easier!

In recent years digital documentation has taken the business world by storm. Going paperless is saving businesses time and money. The attitude of gratitude from office employees to CEOs has been resounding with companies that have implemented this process and eliminating hard copies. The transition to paperless technology can be difficult, but here are some easy and helpful tips that will make the transition seamless.

Map it Out

Preparedness is key in a digital documentation endeavor and having a timeline is a positive way of having and meeting expectations. When you map out your timeline consider having different “phases.” Phase one, for example, involves having all your hard copies in one location and scanning them within six months or something similar. Create measurable goals and give yourself some wiggle room. Scanning hard copies and converting everything is what will take the most significant time, so be gracious with yourself.

Knowledge is Power

Having a current understanding of all your hard and soft copies, how and where they are filed is essential to this operation. In some offices, there may be one or two people who really know their stuff when it comes to the filing system at work and is typically responsible for accessing them for others. Be sure to communicate with these people and understand how your system works including naming patterns, programs and how many hard copies you need to digitize.

Think of the Future

It is extremely important to document the process every step of the way. When everything seems new, leave explicit step by step directions for the future especially when you troubleshoot problems. There will most likely be unforeseen problems in the future or changes and if you have everything documented may be more easy to process through those problems.

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