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How Document Imaging Goes Beyond Scanning

How Document Imaging Goes Beyond Scanning

Here are some of the most well-known document imaging software tools that professionals use.

At face value, document imaging seems to be the process of converting paper documents into digital images. However, there is a lot more to the process than this. Document imaging is done to keep papers from slowing down the efficiency of people’s businesses. After determining where paper files are slowing down businesses the most, a document imaging company can figure out what software to use to remedy the problem. Here are some of the most well-known document imaging software tools that professionals use.


This is the most standard and basic document imaging software available. It helps users manage all of their scanning processes. With the help of capturing software, people can control large groups of documents that are getting scanned. Images can be tracked, routed, and indexed. They can also be released into various document management systems. Image quality can also be enhanced. Lastly, with capture software, users can set jobs up before they are executed with the help of an interface that comes with a document scanning device.

Automated Data Capture

Automated data capture software is a subcategory for capture software. It often applies automated recognition that helps users get data from document images. A document is usually only as important as whatever data that document has. Making data capturing more efficient and accurate, while simultaneously using less manpower, is ideal for anyone who wants to use document imaging.


This automatically lets people route documents throughout a business. As an example, there might be an insurance business that needs to run an application through fraud and underwriting departments before it can get approval.

With the help of a workflow system, it would be easier to ensure that the right people see the different documents by determining what kind of application it is, as well as the dollar value. Electronic workflow is most preferred for environments that are more distributed because paper moves around all of the time, and it can be a tedious process getting the right documents to the right people all of the time.


Sharing documents is significantly more cost-efficient. It’s also generally more convenient and secure than sharing paper copies. This is especially true for distributed environments. There are many different document imaging applications that can accomplish this task, allowing people to connect to different platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

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