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How E-forms Can Save Your Small Business Time and Money

e-forms can save your small business time and moneyDoes your small business produce a lot of paper work? Invoices, receipts, business letters, contact information, client profiles, and purchase orders cost lots of money to print, can pile up, get lost, and can be hard to find when you need them.  E-forms can save your small business time and money. You can integrate e-forms with existing form formats, save space and paper, and are easily routed and traceable.

Integrate with Existing Forms

Micro Records e-form templates can be integrated into existing form formats. The templates can be prepared as word, HTML, or XML documents, and can be used in existing form creation applications. This means you don’t need to extensively redesign your forms, or get special software to apply our e-forms. This lowers the initial investment cost in terms of man hours in preparing to use e-forms. It’s also convenient for your employees and customers, as they don’t need to learn new forms to use the e-forms.

Save Space and Money

E-forms can be created, managed, and filed entirely digitally. Going digital saves you space and money. Running a small business it’s easy to become desensitized to the amount of space paper filing takes up. The footprint of the average filing cabinet is about 3 sq ft, and can sit against the wall behind a desk, or in the case of short filing cabinets, they can take some of the space beneath a desk. But the longer your business operates, and the more clients and employees you get, the more filing cabinets you will need. Soon banks of filing cabinets can take over all of the free space of an office, making it a cramped and depressing environment. And think of all the money spent those cabinets, folders, printers, paper, and ink. The cost adds up quickly. By keeping your e-forms digital you can save on a lot of money, but can still print a physical copy if necessary.

Easily Routed and Traceable

E-forms can also be implemented into an automated workflow system, and even if you don’t have an automated workflow system are still traceable. By implementing e-forms in an automated workflow system you can streamline your businesses, saving time and money. An automated workflow system can automatically distribute e-forms to their next step in the workflow process upon completion. Let’s say an employee fills out a requisition order for a new computer, the order is then automatically routed to your office supplies officer who then can then purchase the computer, and then the receipt is automatically routed to accounting. But even if you don’t use an automated workflow system that keeps track of a documents progress through workflow you can still trace the progress an e-form, digitally or physically. In a digital format an e-form is easy to trace using search functions. In its physical form, our e-forms have tracking barcodes printed on the back, by scanning an e-form through each step of it’s workflow, you can track who did what with the form last.

E-forms can Save Your Small Business Time and Money, Get E-forms Today.

E-forms can save your business your small business time and money, so what are you waiting for? Get them today from Micro Records Please give us a call at 877.410.SCAN or visit our website today to learn more about how you can incorporate e-Forms! We look forward to helping you streamline your information!

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