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Sony Hack Highlights Importance of Secure Online Document Management Services

secure document managementIt has been three months since Sony Pictures Entertainment was revealed to have been hacked. The revelation of the hacking, which may have been going on for as long as a year, was culminated when “wiper” malware wiped out the software of many Sony employees’ computers, rendering them inoperable. A group claiming responsibility announced that they had taken as much as 100 terabytes of data from Sony and many sensitive documents and e-mails were leaked onto the internet. However, with safer document management practices, like secure online document management services, much of the damage could have been avoided.

The Cost to Sony

In a press conference on February 4th, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced their estimated third quarter financial reports, the chaos of the hack having delayed the official announcements. With it they announced the hack cost the company an estimated $15 million in investigation, damages and remediation.

In addition, on February 5th it was announced that Amy Pascal would be stepping down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment in May, though she will continue working as a Producer for a Sony production company. Amy Pascal’s stepping down is in large part due to the leaked contents of several e-mails where Amy Pascal questioned whether she should ask President Obama if he had liked African American-focused films “Django Unchained” “The Butler” and “Think Like a Man”.

Much of the Damage Could Have been Avoided

As a large and influential company worth billions of dollars, one might have expected Sony Pictures Entertainment to have secure document management policies in place. But, as it turned out, many sensitive documents, including unreleased movies, contracts, and business proposals were not securely managed. If Sony had adopted a more secure online document management policy, with secure logins, and document encryption the damage would not have been as bad.

Prevent your Company from Being Damaged by a Data Breach

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